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    this soothes my soul

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  2. Diary of a Closeted Scene Kid (no, im not gay, just read my entry)

    i feel like my friends like me, but they dont understand me. they like rap music and dubstep but i like “screamo” and post hardcore music. im never DJ when we drive because they wont like my music. whenever we go to the mall, i feel awkward telling them im going to hot topic or i wont even go at all. imagine all the band merch ive sacrificed. while they are wearing vans and nike, i wear my doc martens. none of them have skinny jeans as skinny as mine and while they boostfully talk about their epic coachella weekend, i feel awkward being asked about warped tour because 1) ill simply fan girl and their eyes will glaze over 2) they cant feel the emotion i feel about the bands playing or even the entire experience.

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    Sign her!

    awwwww shiiiiiiiid


    GO OFF

    I’ve never been so impressed by penises as I am by this woman’s description of them.

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  5. this is the most beautiful and scary pictures. the clouds are so majestic— like a cup of trix yogurt but the house are literally ALL THE SAME like theyre from some fucking nuke town or edward scissorhands uptopia…

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    Oli baby op We Heart It

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  8. Anonymous said: Omg about his teeth I met him a few months ago and I asked him if he ever had braces and he was like "naw my top teeth are nice but my bottom teeth are all fucked up" and then he like pulled his lip down to show me his crooked bottom teeth and it was really cute idk hes so nice


    haha aw yes the crooked teeth are so cute! what an angel :)

    one tooth is noticably yellow from cigarettes

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    14 incredible facts about Michelle Obama on her 50th birthday

    She’s such an inspiration :-D

    Love it!

    hate obama. michelle is aight.

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    We camped on a little island in the middle of the creek, amazing. (: